Technology trade show trends that lead to success

Technology trade show trends that lead to success

From consumer electronics to video games to more advanced gadgetry, technology trade shows are all the rage at the moment and people are beginning to understand the importance of attending.

If you’re in the tech sector, it is a well-known fact that consistent innovation is the key to success.
As the technology trade show market is constantly expanding and evolving as well, consider these current trends to ensure that your next trade show is propelled like a rocket into the stratosphere of winners.

Technology Trade Shows Trends: Approaches of the Future

No need to say that the greatest trends in technology trade shows are centered around one common theme: technology!
Let’s take a look at the many trends that are changing.

Trade shows tend to be short and sweet so it is important to make the most of your time there. This is where mobile apps can come in handy. Everybody and their aunt has a smartphone which allows for geo-locating, and a proper app can let you track consumer behaviors and bring more people to your booth.

Another great way to capitalize on technology for your trade show exhibit is to offer a charging station for phones and tablets. Have you ever felt like people just fly past your booth without stopping? Having a charging station will bring them in like a duck takes to water.
Moreover, if there’s one thing people love at trade shows, it’s a certain level of interaction.
In today’s world, it’s hard to picture life without touch-activated devices within arms’ reach.
Having touch screen interaction at your booth is a great way to engage people and deliver presentations tailored to the individual.

Before and After the Show

Whether you are marketing to consumers or other businesses, there are a number of steps you can take to ensure a better technology trade show today and prevent mistakes in the future.

The first step is to make good use of social media outreach.
Tools like Twitter and Facebook are invaluable for the promotion of your brand before and after the trade show. Make sure to use social media before the show to promote awareness, during the show, to enhance the live experience and after the show to reach any new followers acquired during your show.

Planning and execution, along with expertise, are essential success drivers in this industry and it is therefore worth trying out some event planning software.

Here are some great and free (!) online tool to try:

• Google Drive
• Trello
• Whova
• Asana
• Planning Pod

Technology Trade Show Success

These days, with such fierce competition and an ever-evolving industry, achieving success for your technology trade show requires more and more planning and a near flawless execution.

Making efficient use of technology and keeping a close eye on industry trends will get you closer to attaining your goals and delivering a knockout performance. Use the ideas in this article to your advantage and your next show will surely be a transformative hit!

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