4 Ideas for a Great Design of your Island Booth

4 Ideas for a Great Design of your Island Booth

When you’re looking at the space to book for your next trade show, it’s easy to imagine that you’ll be eager to choose an island space design.

Having an island space for your upcoming trade show is a valuable asset that can leverage your presence at the event.

In fact, the main advantage of the island space is that it has all the 4 sides open, meaning that visitors have full access to your stand: then, the island is a great solution if you want to maximize visitors entering your stand without feeling pushed to cross an entrance.

The aftermath of the island booth is that you’ve limited control over the stream of people, with the risk that you miss the chance to engage immediately with a potential lead that is already in your space.

In 20+ years we’ve created hundreds of effective designs for island booth, squared or rectangular no matter their size, and we’re happy to share our experience with you:

1.First of all, a great option is to realize a path that drives people towards your “must-see” product. This can be done with a smart design that conveys the people to your main focus, may it be a product or an experience, placed in a smart position. In some case, to avoid dispersion, you may need to realize a creative solution to control the flow of people. A great idea that can also enhance your brand is to have a big high-quality cut-out of your logo that creates a fake border that doesn’t hide the inside and thus enhances your brand.

2.Second, while in an island booth it’s easy for people to enter, it’s also easy they go out without you even notice them. In order to increase visitors’ presence in your island space, we suggest creating clever touch-points that retain people on the inside. Some ideas? TV set with engaging content, meeting area (a.k.a. resting area!) with comfy chairs, pit-stop zone to get free goodies, with your staff that engages with them.

3.When island booths are crowded, your staff must stand out from the crowd to be immediately identified. Consider providing a uniform, that matches or is complementary with your brand image. If you’re in doubt with style, a crisp shirt, and a regular fit blazer will give you a professional image. Tip: put your staff name on it, people love to know who’s the person they’re talking with.

4. Island booths don’t have any wall to support your collaterals, so you need to create an inner structure that allows to better showcase your products.

If your company encourages the digital transformation, you can create an area to experience new technologies.

AR or VR are better showcased in a big, open space where people feel free to act, interact and talk as they truly are. An impactful way is to rent a big curve LED screen that gives you immediately a “future-proof” image.

Or, if your product is better seen functioning live, you may want to create an inner experience area, with limited access (scarcity increases desire) with “hide and seek” design elements and flat screens that play the live show.

Need to get a creative design for your next island booth?

Get in touch with Synapse, we’re happy to know you!

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