How to choose the right exhibition stand designer?

How to choose the right exhibition stand designer?


From the very first meeting it’s important that you are listened to as you deserve.
We want to know everything to fully understand the true essence of your brand, the values and ideals it stands for and what it offers to your market!

In so doing, we’ll realize a stand design project that allows visitors of your trade-show booth to fully enter the universe of your company, feel and live the essence of your brand. Sounds better than visiting a booth to grab a catalog and mint box, isn’t it?

So, how to choose the right exhibition stand designer?

After 20 years and a huge number of partnerships with world-known brands, we’re sure we have the answer.
The most important elements when choosing a stand design and stand building company for your trade show are:

1. Personalized Service
Building customized stand is our specialty, tailored to your brand. You’ll get 100 % personalized service from the drawing board to your event’s grand opening.

2. Logistics
We believe that stand logistics shouldn’t be a trouble for you.
That’s why our experts will take care of logistics, with great storage solutions, fast transportation and full installation on site.
So you’ll have the time to take care of Marketing and Public Relations.

3. Technology and Staging services
We know the importance of having the right partner for hi-tech equipment and staging service during a trade show
Upon delivery, our experts will make sure your stand looks best with complete staging services:
• Audio, video, LED display, 4K TV are just some of the equipment we can provide
• Lighting layouts
• Scenography teams and Technical support on call

4. Troubleshooting and Technical Support.
Relax, potential troubles won’t be a problem because our tech team will be on your site
in a matter of minutes!

100% Stress-Free Exhibition Service With Synapse Exhibits

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