How to Boost Your Trade Show Results

How to Boost Your Trade Show Results

The great day has come: your booth is shining and all the lights are on you.
Now you need to attract visitors to your stand delivering a remarkable experience that helps you building business relationship and boost your trade show results.
We’d like to offer you our tips based on +20 years experience.


First of all, you need to be found: so take advantage of all the opportunity offered by the organizer.

Almost all the shows have an online catalog where you can showcase your products, services and highlight important milestone, writing an attractive content.


You need to advertise your presence with a multichannel campaign that reaches your audience across all your markets.

The best way to spread the word is to create and distribute beautiful and shareable graphics to be declined on:

  • your website,
  • social networks,
  • email signature,
  • email campaign.


Create a contest to invite people to your booth.

You may offer a special prize for the first 4 people coming at your stand with your guest pass, or organize a sneak peak for the first visitors that will be there with you.
Be creative, it’s a show and you’re there to shine.


Be sure your staff can be easily identified.

When booths are crowded you need your employees to stand out from the crowd in order to offer a prompt customer service. Consider providing a uniform, or a shirt, in case of a more informal trade show, or at least a badge with their names on it.


Provide in-booth complimentary services, thinking about what your visitors may need.
They probably will be very tired after strolling through all the halls of the venue. Be sure you can offer a comfortable chair, a glass of water or soda and coffee.

Moreover, you can offer (and advertise!) a mobile charging station and free wi-fi.

A good tip for branding is to rename your network with the name of your company.

Then, create a dedicated hashtag for your booth and encourage your visitors sharing their experience across social network channels.


Create live experience you can have with your visitors: a demo station for your products or a live keynote give you the opportunity to interact with your prospects and get a first-hand feedback.

This way it’ll be easier for you to collect contacts from visitors.


When the show is over, keep your audience engaged.

Send a thank you note to all visitors you’ve met at your stand and give an extra, exclusive delight like a Discount Code, or a free ebook download.

Do you want a customized advice to boost your trade-show presence? Contact us to get a smart mix of event experience and experiential marketing that build valuable business relationship.


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