How to integrate two brands in one booth

How to integrate two brands in one booth

Dealing with 2 brands in only one booth is something that happens very often, in this accelerated era of economic turmoil and fast company acquisition.
Launching a new brand at a trade show is a great way to enhance your identity when your audience is there, looking for the latest news and trend in the industry.

So, what is the best way to integrate two brands in one booth?

First of all, you should focus on what makes each brand unique.
Maybe your brands represent 2 different solutions that can be integrated to create a custom product.
Or maybe they have a different positioning, speaking to a different target, or connected industries.

After you have defined the focus of each brand, you can build a consistent path to create a bridge between the 2 brands you are representing.


Design a booth to integrate 2 brands can be very challenging but it’s easier if each brand has its own identity and occupies a precise place in the mental map of your customer.

If your company acts like a big alliance and has different brands for different domains, you can put your brands under its cap so they can both benefit from the powerful image of your company.

On the other hand, if the main reason brands are coexisting is to share the space with a sister company or a business partner, it’s important to drive your visual efforts to give your customers the perception of a strong Group instead of 2 companies that are just sharing the exhibition costs.

Designing a booth to integrate 2 companies in the same booth it’s easier if the structure creates a conceptual path that helps your customer moving in your booth, shifting smoothly from 2 brands in the same place.

Graphics plays a pivotal role, and can really make the difference: an expert graphic designer will create an artwork where all your brand can live together in the same stand, while maintaining their strong brand identity.
This will attract visitors to access your stand, making them feel at home, under a unique roof over their heads.

If you need to physically divide the space, you can create a division with some plants, a LED wall, or a demo island, that will create 2 different but accessible areas, perceived as different zones by visitors.

When integrating 2 brands in one booth, it’s crucial you pay attention to the top, not only to the floor plan.

Here’s where the hanging sign comes in.
The hanging sign is placed on the ceiling, usually at least at 7 mt height.

Because of its position, it delivers a bold message and makes your 2 brands visible on the ceiling even in the farthest point of the hall.

According to your branding strategy, you may choose to enhance only the main brand and feature the second one in your booth in a dedicated area.

When dealing with many brands in one stand, we recommend you pay attention to the advertising options organizers give to exhibitors:


Add a co-exhibitor in the online and printed catalog it’s a feature that many organizers give almost for free, or for a little extra.
With this option, you can have both your brands searchable by visitors, and if you’re lucky enough, both your 2 logos showcased.


When the first option is not feasible, you can craft a clever company description for the online catalog that mentions smartly both your brands in the copy, together with keywords relevant to each industry.

Whatever your marketing strategy is, we strongly recommend you stay consistent with your choice, always prioritizing the perception you want to give to your visitors.

Need a clever design to integrate 2 brands in your next island booth?
Get in touch with Synapse, we’re happy to help you!

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