Organize a trade show in Germany

Organize a trade show in Germany

Germany is the world’s no. 1 location for hosting international trade fairs, says the website

And its facilities, level of innovation and broad reach make easy for Germany to stand out from competition.
A couple of facts testify for the international profile of Germany: around 150 international trade shows, fairs and exhibitions take place every year, with an estimated audience of up to 170,000 exhibitors 10 million visitors.
Moreover, the most part of the exhibitors come from other countries, even outside Europe.
3 of the 5 largest exhibition centers in the world are in Germany.

It’s highly possible that a trade show of your industry is based in Cologne. Here, you can count on 284,000 m² of exhibiting space and an outdoor area covering 100,000m², making Cologne the fifth largest exhibition space in the world.
Creating a stand design in Cologne is a mission that Synapse can deliver successfully, thanks to its production plant based in the heart of Europe. Having a so strategic location makes Synapse Exhibits the right partner to design and build your custom stand for any upcoming trade show in Germany.
Just to give an example:
-Medica, held at the Dusseldorf Exhibition Centre, is Europe’s most complete medical trade fair with its 4 days dedicated to medical, pharmaceutical and medical technology products and health care service facilities

IFA Berlin is a 6-days event being held the Messe Berlin.
This trade show has a great reputation in Europe for the Electronics & Electrical Good, two industries very close to Synapse Exhibits core business.

– Going south to Munich, having a booth at Intersolar Expo is something that could happen very frequently if you’re in the solar industry.

Custom Stand Design – Exhibit in Germany

Speaking on a global basis, a trade show in Germany brings with it all the reliable reputation that is frequently associated with German products.

With its strong focus on quality, your stand design must be compliant with the quality standard that surrounds around Germany, Cologne, Frankfurt and other trade shows cities.

Having a strong European core, Synapse’s designers can match the European flair with any requirement of quality, high technology and reliability for your next trade show exhibits in Germany.

Give us a briefing for your creative stand design in Germany: you’ll be delighted to see how we can translate your Company goals into a custom booth that support your marketing strategy.

That’s what you get choosing a Synapse Exhibits stand design in Germany, Berlin, and Cologne: a quality tailor made trade show display that will get you noticed, acknowledged and remembered by your audience attending to any German trade show

Our Premium Services

Synapse Exhibitors in Germany have at their disposal:
• a multi-language Customer Account that speaks your language, simplifying communications
• our own Europe-based production plant, that guarantees high standards of esthetics and durability.
• Safe storage in our warehouses up to the day of your event
• Fast Delivery of your stand on-site on launch day
• Full Assembly prior to your event’s launch
• Full support from the whole Synapse team from launch to finish, with a 100% stress-free experience to ensure that operations run more than smoothly.

Need a durable stand design for your next trade show in Germany?
Get in touch with Synapse, we’re happy to help you!

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