The 4 secrets to organize a stress-free tradeshow

The 4 secrets to organize a stress-free tradeshow

Want to know how to organize a stress-free event?  You may think that a creative exhibit is all you need to have a memorable trade show: surely it’s true, but together we can go a step forward.

When it comes to taking your show to the next level there are 3 hands-on tips that are decisive in making your presence stand out.

Double check if there is the possibility of upgrading your spot at the show.
The event industry is always on-the-go, so finding a better spot for your trade show is easier than you think.
We suggest you keep an eye on the floor plan and as soon as you see a more suitable position don’t be afraid of getting in touch with your exhibition account manager.
Sometimes even big Companies, that have seniority to be entitled to best positions, make unpredictable adjustments and you may happen been assigned a better place along the main aisle.

Tradeshow operations can be exhausting, with the result of getting tired before the exhibition has even started.
To prevent the event rush, we suggest you book the Early Bird and Priority Plan of any service you’ll need.
Exhibition Organizers indeed often create different price plan to segment service on a first-paid, first-served basis.
If this extra money can be included in your budget, we suggest booking the Priority Delivery of empty boxes. This will save you lot of time waiting for the boxes to be delivered, time that you can use to dismantle carefully all your exhibition material.
Another example of advanced service is the Priority Access. It allows your stand designer an early access to the venue, so they can have all the time to assemble a stand that complies with your quality standard.

Together with the design of approved stand, bring with you a printed copy of all documents related to the show. Yes, we are living in a digital era: but exhibitions involve many stakeholders of many Companies and it’s easy they under communicate and miss some important information.

To avoid you run like Bolt across the aisles and the event office, print a copy of:
signed contracts for electricity, rigging, warehouse service together with the payment confirmation of the invoices,
– request for any extra service you booked,
packing list for the boxes,

Bring with you a credit card for any unexpected event that may occur.
A misunderstanding, an email not received, or a missed deadline can lock even the services you’ve booked. A credit card can release all the troubles, making the operations running smooth and avoiding extra charge for the late service.

A stand builder that guarantees a stress-free exhibition is one of the most valuable investment you can make for your trade show.

Get your custom design with Synapse, and try the stress-free experience we offer to hundreds of clients across the world.

Synapse Premium Services

Synapse Exhibitors get included:
• a multi-language Account that speaks your language,
• our own Canada and Europe-based production plant, to guarantees speed, aesthetics, and durability.
• Free storage in our warehouses
• Fast Delivery on-site
• Full Assembly prior to your event’s launch
• Full support from the whole Synapse team from launch to finish, with a 100% stress-free experience to ensure that operations run more than smoothly.

Need a valuable partner for a clever stand design of your next trade show?
Get in touch with Synapse, we’re happy to help you!

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