Stand out with Interactive Stand Design at your next exhibition

Stand out with Interactive Stand Design at your next exhibition

Designing an interactive stand design is the perfect way to make your exhibit stand out and be remembered.

When it comes to bringing your show to life, creating an interactive stand design that involves actively visitors there are 6 hands-on suggestions for you:

1. Make people play: during the trade shows and exhibition, visitors are often over-stimulated while troubled to visit the most stand available. Be unforgettable making people play, with a game-field app on your table, and smile, with an easy rewarding system

2. Keep in… Touch: Touchscreen survey and contact are a win-win tip: you’ll simplify your operations, bringing valuable feedback and email at home, while people will remember you as a smart exhibitor.
Touch LCD Displays are eye-catching and you can use with a double purpose: refined, polished advertising support and interactive kiosk to encourage people taking an action.

3. Add active interaction: whether you are in technology or in the textile industry there’s always a way to make people touch your products.
Set-up a demo area with your new product and encourage people trying it, bring with you functioning equipment: try to associate the action triggered by positive emotion and you’ll be surely remembered.

4. Try live workshop using an interactive multimedia whiteboard, and make your content available in the cloud for a future download. Visitors will thank you for not filling their bags with tons of paper.

5. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are great tools in an interactive stand design. Bring with you (or rent!) the best equipment available and let technology do the magic.

6. PhotoBooth: most people love to make selfie and tag themselves at the event. Provide a nice frame for your visitors, a custom hashtag and organize a live contest for the best picture made during the show: you’ll get lot of free engagement, materials for real-time marketing and, most important, have a great chance to talk with visitors during a funny experience.

Get your custom design with Synapse, and try the stress-free experience we offer to hundreds of clients across the world.

Synapse Premium Services

Synapse Exhibitors get included:
• a multi-language Account that speaks your language,
• our own Canada and Europe-based production plant, to guarantees speed, aesthetics, and durability.
• Free storage in our warehouses
• Fast Delivery on-site
• Full Assembly prior to your event’s launch
• Full support from the whole Synapse team from launch to finish, with a 100% stress-free experience to ensure that operations run more than smoothly.

Need a valuable partner for a clever stand design of your next trade show?
Get in touch with Synapse, we’re happy to help you!

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