How to plan effectively your upcoming trade show

How to plan effectively your upcoming trade show

Making you stand out at your next exhibition is our work and pleasure.
Make everything sorted out it’s a painful task that is mostly up to you but we can help you figure it out.
We have prepared this guide for you, and in case you feel overwhelmed by deadlines you can rely on us to get everything ready for the show.
Find here the timing schedule for an effective trade show planning, crafted with experience and expertise:

4 months prior the event: make sure you have a clear briefing on the goals you aim to reach at the trade show. A well-designed stand will do the rest.
Contact your trusted stand builder and discuss together your briefing. A partner with the right expertise will make the difference and will let you think only about your business, not the stand design.
Take contact with the event press officers, to better showcase your products and services.
Advertising spaces are in huge demand, so if you can book them in advance you’ll have 2 advantages: you will get better spaces, and you’ll have more time to create the visual required.
Book flights and staying for your team to have more options to choose.

3 months prior the event: check the deadlines with your trade show organizers.
They likely offers a discount for the early bird, so take advantage of this opportunity it’s a big deal: the closer the event, the higher the rates.
Make sure you have a clear map of your electrical floor plan, lighting and hanging sign.
Pay special attention to the electrical standard of your trade show: as an example, in the USA the standard power supply is 120 Vac, while in Europe is 230 Vac. If you can, make your equipment work at both tensions, otherwise buy with huge advance the standard your equipment work with.

Do you have a hanging sign? Make sure to book the mounting operations of the hanging sign: it’s very frequent that the operations are in charge of a third party, so you may need more time to have everything sorted out.
Plan the logistics: if your goods are moving from one tradeshow to the next one in another continent, you will definitely benefit from a carnet that will offer you interesting fares for your global shipment.
Otherwise, if you need to ship products, collaterals, advertising material it’s better to plan the operations in advance. Unforeseen events are behind the corner, and you don’t want to have your shipment delayed, aren’t you?

2 months prior: the event: start fill in the forms for your team badges.
Make sure everybody has his own ID card: the rules to access the tradeshow venue are becoming more severe than ever, so be prepared to longer controls.
Make sure you have confirmed and sent your graphics to your stand builder, so your only care will be the organisation of the event.
Test all the equipment you need to ship: remote controls, TV set, tablet. Make sure you have all the power supplies and the right content ready for the showcasing.

1 month prior the event: your stand builder is ready to ship your stand design to the venue. If you need some collaterals for marketing activities, ask them to send some pictures of the mounting operations.
Pack your luggage with your polished uniform and let the show begin!

Having been trusted by hundreds of exhibitors in 20+ industries we can support you organising your next trade show. We are not only stand builders, but we’ve gained a great reputation for being exhibitors valuable partner for the support we can offer, even with planning all the deadlines of your trade show.
Choosing Synapse, you choose the expertise of a stand designer that create stands all over the world at the most important industry trade show across the world.

Synapse Premium Services

Synapse Exhibitors get included:
• a multi-language Account that speaks your language,
• our own Canada and Europe-based production plant, to guarantees speed, aesthetics, and durability.
• Free storage in our warehouses
• Fast Delivery on-site
• Full Assembly prior to your event’s launch
• Full support from the whole Synapse team from launch to finish, with a 100% stress-free experience to ensure that operations run more than smoothly.

Need a valuable partner for design and plan your next trade show?
Get in touch with Synapse, we’re happy to help you!

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