Trade Show: Creative Stand Design

Trade show Creative Stand Design


Trade show: why you need a creative custom stand design.

Trade shows scare a lot of people and it’s difficult to blame them for it. Extremely stressful when they’re poorly executed, they also put you face-to-face with your customers and competitors. With a top-class execution and a custom creative stand design, your attendance at trade shows can dramatically boost your sales, notoriety, and authority.

Reaching a highly motivated and influential audience

When properly organized, your trade show can establish yourself in a physical way among other major players of the market you are involved in and open a rich dialogue with people that are interested in your products.
Indeed, people attending trade shows are often more motivated and interested in the niche you are operating in.

See if the grass is really greener elsewhere

Remaining competitive in the market can be pretty tough.
Trade shows allow you to take a peek at what your direct competitors and other major players are putting forward: what product they are pushing, which marketing strategy they are using, how much emphasis they put on research and development.

A well-designed custom creative design can support your marketing efforts and align your image to your event and company goals.
In addition to giving you an on-site pulse of the activities in your industry, trade shows can give you examples of what is working or not.
That way, you can compare yourself to competition and readjust promotional efforts for increased efficiency.

2016 facts about Trade Shows in the U.S:

1.9 % : Growth of exhibition industry revenue in the U.S. in Q3 2016

2.2 : Average number of trade show visitors per 100 square feet of exhibit space in the U.S.

9.5 hours : Average time trade show visitors spent viewing exhibits in the U.S.

81% : Share of potential audience who remembered visiting a company’s trade show exhibit in the U.S.

Source: Statista

How can Synapse serve your trade show goals?

With 20+ years of experience in the field of trade show creative stand design, make your business distinguished is our main goal.

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