Exhibition Booths



Exhibition booths that will prove to be a customer magnet.

With over twenty years of experience to count on across the globe, from the US to the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, the UK, and Dubai, Agence Synapse’s highly qualified design team is fully committed to producing perfect exhibition booths for your needs. Our design professionals bring your projects to life by incorporating their unique perspective and mixed cultural origins into your display. Our work is quality-driven and our main focus remains to reach your customers in the most attractive way possible. This is why we use an integrated approach to design exhibition booths that lean on brand building and aim at delivering tangible results, using the most appropriate medium available to create a strong connection with your customers. We also combine our different areas of expertise, namely landscape architecture, commercial and retail design, institutional design, hospitality design, mixed-use projects and scenography, in a way that is best suited to your context and industry.

All-inclusive exhibition booths are one of our specialties. Regardless of your products and your industry, we offer you high-end exhibition booths at competitive prices. All our original exhibition booths are created on-site, from conception to fabrication. Agence Synapse designs exhibition booths that are aligned with your market positioning, your needs, and your budget. We can also create small exhibition booths that will fit the smallest budgets.

We provide full-service exhibition booths that include installation and transportation to the trade show location of your choice. Agence Synapse offers all-around support from the beginning to the end of the trade show. We pride ourselves in providing you with a stress free trade show and exhibition booth experience, and we will be there to assist you with any requests you may have throughout the trade show.

We are present in several locations worldwide including the US, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, the UK, and Dubai.

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