Need a Custom Stand Design for your trade show? Synapse Exhibits will design and build the perfect booth to activate your brand

With more than 20 years expertise in designing custom exhibition stand, we are proud to have built stands for the top international brands across B2B and B2C worldwide trade shows.

Our custom exhibition stands were used in several important trade shows:

United States: Las Vegas is the place-to-be for many world-known trade shows.
We build custom design stands at CES, NAB, AWFS fairs and many other shows.
We provide customized stand even for trade shows and exhibitions in Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Boston, New York, Florida, California, Washington DC

• Netherlands

• Canada: Toronto and Calgary



Let us bring your branding vision to life

One of the most important parts of our work is listening.
Our mission is to understand your brand values and shape the results you expect from each show, to design and deliver your custom stand that best represents your company’s identity, product innovation or top-class services you offer.

Synapse Exhibits: custom stand designs that engage with your specific audience

Nowadays, business is more than ever before centered on customer experience.
That’s why the «One size fits all» approach is bound to fail.
And that’s why Synapse strives to offer you a «unique custom design» to empower you reaching your target audience maximizing the ROI of your event.
Our team is composed of professionals highly specialized in their industry: that’s why we’re sure we’ll create the best stand design to deliver your message and create durable business connections during trade shows.

Custom Exhibition Stand design: 100% stress-free solution for your trade shows

Trade shows can be stressful and frantic because of deadlines, forms to fill and unexpected events that happen no matter the accuracy of the planning. Our strength is to provide you the most valuable service: a stress-free experience.
Throughout our partnership, we’ll assist you with any requests from the conception of your stand design to its delivery and building at your booth.
This is the added-value of Synapse expertise.

How to create the perfect custom stand

1. Project Management

When it comes to shape your stand, Synapse Exhibits has got you covered.
Our multi-lingual Project Managers are eager to speak with you and get your briefing, listening to your goals, needs and preferences for your exhibition stand.
Your dedicated Project Manager will be proactively in touch with you about
the progression of your stand design project and cooperate with you to make any adjustments you may have prior to the production of your stand.

2. Design

Test our designers’ creativity: they can go beyond expectations to create a “wow” effect.
We know the rules of each exhibition, so we’ll design only buildable stand.
You’ll get an accurate graphic rendering of your stand design before the concrete production.
No need to imagine the final result.

3. Production

Once your customized stand design has been completed, our craftsmen will bring your project to life by using only the best and finest materials in the industry.
We have our own production plants, based in Canada and Europe, so we can be 110% sure they respect our
high standards of esthetics and durability.

4. Logistics

We believe that stand logistics has the same importance of projects and design.
So we pre-assemble all necessary parts before delivery so that exhibit set up run as smooth as possible.
Prior to your event, your stand will be safely stored in our storage units, ready to be delivered and build on-site.

4. On-site installation

Once the big day has arrived, we take care of the installation, lighting and scenography so you can stay focused on your business.
We’ll be there by your side to give you around the clock supervision of your stand and provide quick assistance in last minute adjustments.