Our customized booth design will highlight your brand and maximize the ROI of your event.

Backed up with over 20 years of events experience across the globe, from the US to the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, the UK, and Dubai, Synapse Exhibits is fully committed to producing customized stand design for your event and trade show.
We’ll use our multicultural background to shape an integrated approach that strengthens your brand, using the most appropriate medium to create a strong connection with your customers.
You can count on our different areas of expertise, namely architecture, retail design, institutional design, hospitality design, mixed-use projects and scenography.

100% stress-free, all-inclusive customized stand design is our promise: we will be there to assist you with any requests you may have throughout your events.
All customized stand and booth designs are created by our team, from conception to fabrication and on-site building.
Our full-service include installation and transportation to the event venue, where we guarantee all-around support from the beginning to the end of the event.
Some of the events venue where we work in are:

United States: Las Vegas is the place-to-be for many world-known trade shows. Our custom design stands are displayed at CES, NAB, AWFS fairs and many other shows in Vegas. We can provide you a custom stand design and service also for trade shows and exhibitions in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Boston, New York, Orlando, San Francisco, San Diego, Long Beach, Washington

• Netherlands: Amsterdam hosts several trade shows; IBC and ISE are just 2 of the shows where you’ll see Synapse designs custom stand

• Canada: Toronto and Calgary


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